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1&1 Drillisch AG - Corporate Governance

Sustainability Report

Dear Readers,

This is the second report we have prepared for you containing information about sustainable business practices at 1&1 Drillisch Group. Even in the past, 1&1 Drillisch oriented its business activities strictly to criteria of sustainability and of corporate and social responsibility.

At the same time, we strive to maintain a balance between the interests of the Company and of other stakeholder groups. With this in mind, 1&1 Drillisch maintains an ongoing dialogue with customers, shareholders, business partners, employees and other stakeholders. What we learn from this dialogue serves as the basis for the ongoing development of our product portfolio and our Company as a whole.

Our sustainability approach for us as a telecommunications service provider focuses on three aspects: performance, service and security. Our goal is to offer to our customers innovative products and services featuring the best value for money on the mobile and landline network market.

Our understanding of sustainability has enabled us to lay a solid foundation, operationally and technologically, for profitable growth in the future. Building on this foundation, we merged with United Internet AG in the second half of 2017 and brought its subsidiary 1&1 Telecommunication SE into our Company. From this merger has arisen a powerful full-service telecommunications provider with significant potential for growth that now operates under the name 1&1 Drillisch.

In 2018, we devoted intense efforts to integrating the two companies so that we could exploit to the full the enormous synergy potential for our corporate Group. One of our major concerns was on the harmonisation of processes and systems relating to the topic of sustainability. Today, we profit not only from a strong brand portfolio, but from the synergies realised during procurement of hardware and advance network services as well as in the area of logistics.

Sustainable business practices are, and will remain, a fixed component of our corporate management. This is the outlook that will enable us in the long term to continue the further improvement of performance, service and security for our customers.

Best regards,

Ralph Dommermuth Martin Witt André Driesen


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