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23 March 2017 Company Presentation on Business Year 2016 Ansehen
10 November 2016 Company Presentation 9-Month Report 2016 Ansehen
11 August 2016 Company Presentation H1-2016 Ansehen

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24 March 2016 Company Presentation on Business Year 2015 Ansehen
11 November 2015 Company Presentation 9-Month Report 2015 Ansehen

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20 March 2015 Company Presentation on Business Year 2014 Ansehen
14 November 2014 Analyst Presentation 9M-2014 Ansehen
14 August 2014 Analyst Presentation H1-2014 Ansehen
14 May 2014 Company Presentation on Business Year 2014 Ansehen

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Presentations 2013

20 March 2014 Company Presentation on Business Year 2013 Ansehen
15 November 2013 Analyst Presentation 9M-2013 Ansehen
09 August 2013 Analyst Presentation H1-2013 Ansehen
22 March 2013 Company Presentation on Business Year 2013 Ansehen

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Presentations 2012

9 November 2012 Analyst Conference on 9M-2012 Download
26 September 2012 German Investment Conference 2012, Unicredit and Kepler Capital Markets Download
26 September 2012 Inaugural German Corporate Conference, Berenberg and Goldman Sachs Download
29 August 2012 Commerzbank Sector Conference Download
10 August 2012 Analyst Conference on H1-2012 Download

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Drillisch AG

1&1 Drillisch criticises award terms for 5G spectrum auction — Dommermuth calls for changes to encourage competition
Montabaur, 16 November 2018. 1&1 Drillisch AG has criticized the planned award terms for the 5G spectrum auctions proposed by the Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur). The final draft for the agency’s Advisory Board still does not contain any service provider obligation or obligatory national roaming.
“The regulatory authority has...


Drillisch AG

Implementation of the planned change in the Management Board following closing of the overall transaction
Drillisch AG
Maintal, October 17, 2017: The Local Court Hanau has appointed Mr. Kurt Dobitsch, Mr. Kai-Uwe Ricke and Mr. Michael Scheeren as members of the Supervisory Board of Drillisch AG with effect as of October 16, 2017. The appointment of the three candidates named by United Internet AG took place after...


Drillisch AG

Drillisch AG: Implementation of the planned change in the Management Board
Maintal, September 29, 2017. After completion of the step-by-step acquisition of 1&1 Telecommunication SE by Drillisch AG, the Management Board Spokesman of Drillisch AG, Mr. Vlasios Choulidis, resigns from Drillisch AG’s Management Board as planned. This had already been agreed between the company and United Internet AG in the Business...
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